Gore Bike Wear GORE-TEX® Active Shell Fusion Rain Kit

I love the new Fusion Pant and Fusion Jacket made from GORE-TEX® Active Shell . The GORE-TEX® Active Shell is amazing. It is light, it breathes well, and it’s waterproof. The new Active Shell also does not feel clammy against your skin. Hot damn! Breathable and waterproof? How is that possible you ask? The answer is science! Air is a smaller molecule then water, and with the right membrane, air can pass through it, while water can not. Think of a chain link fence, a golf ball will pass through it, while a baseball will not. Check the video on the Gore-Tex membrane here. The jacket and pant have a great fit with stretchy Gore-Tex where you need it. Jacket includes a built in under the helmet hood that doesn’t have you sweating just from use. Well placed, slender vents on the pants work well and do not allow much water in while open. Another huge plus is that both jacket and pant are very packable and stow into their own pockets. Combine this kit with some Gore Bike Wear City Overshoes and a pair of Mistral gloves, and you are set. We stock all of these products and more in our store, or you can shop online at www.villagecycle.com.


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