Fat Bikes Are Fun Bikes

Fat Bikes are everywhere. I’m sure you have seen  fat bikes on the lakefront trail or in the bike lane in front of you and thought, what is that?! It has huge knobby tires and if you didn’t see it, you could probably hear it coming. It is the monster truck of bikes, but what […]
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tips to keep hydrated while riding your bike

H2O 101: How to Stay Hydrated When Biking

Why You Should Stay Hydrated Regardless of the season, staying hydrated is critical not just to maintain strong athletic performance but to ensure overall wellness. Especially during the summer months, dehydration can occur quickly under any circumstances, which means that it can happen even more quickly while bicycling, leaving you feeling dizzy and sluggish from […]
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bike lights and reflectors

Keeping You and Your Bike Street Legal in Chicago

Chicago is a great city for cyclists, both casual and serious, even in our harsh winters. But did you know that you can make biking a safer and overall better experience for everyone – fellow cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike – simply by familiarizing yourself with the Chicago bike laws? Generally, cyclists are subject to […]
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