park tools on a bench at Village Cycle Center

It’s Bike Tune-up Season!

Hey y’all.  Spring is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about getting your bike ready.  The savvy cyclist’s among us know that it’s wiser to get your rig taken care of before the sun comes out, because the whole city will be in our shop looking for a tune up on the first 70* […]
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Trek Carbon Road Bikes

Trek OCLV Carbon – The Industry Leader

OCLV Carbon: The Industry Leader Over two decades ago, Trek engineers developed our Optimum Compaction, Low Void carbon manufacturing process, enabling us to produce carbon bikes with consistency and quality previously thought impossible. It was an industry breakthrough… and to this day, Trek OCLV carbon frames are the best, most consistent you can buy.
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The Trek 29er Advantage

Trek’s 29er legacy For over a dozen years, we’ve produced more 29ers than anyone else. It’s no wonder we make the best bigwheelers on the planet. More momentum A bigger wheel holds its momentum better, so you keep rolling over rough stuff and maintain your speed through the corners.
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