history of triathlons at the olympics

Triathlons at the Olympics

The triathlon is a competition in which the athletes perform three endurance challenges, one right after the other. In the most common form of the sport, the athletes swim, bike, and run in that order. The distances vary from Sprint distance (swim 0.47 miles, bike 12 miles, and run 3.1 miles) to Ironman (swim 2.4 […]
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bike lights and reflectors

Keeping You and Your Bike Street Legal in Chicago

Chicago is a great city for cyclists, both casual and serious, even in our harsh winters. But did you know that you can make biking a safer and overall better experience for everyone – fellow cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike – simply by familiarizing yourself with the Chicago bike laws? Generally, cyclists are subject to […]
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history of triathlons

History of the Triathlon

The Triathlon, the Ultimate Race A triathlon is a multi-stage, long distance race usually consisting of three components: swimming, bicycling, and running over various distances. It is a high-endurance three-sport competition, considered by many one of the most difficult single-day sporting events, and requires a considerable amount of strength, stamina, training, and dedication to complete. […]
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