The Free Accessory Pack is BACK!

Hey everyone! Its been a little while since we have offered the free accessory pack, but its back and we have more to offer than ever! Now with any 2015 adult bike you get a Helmet, waterbottle, waterbottle cage, seat bag, AND a mini air pump!

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Ultimate Urban Bike Share Bag

Biking in Chicago is a courageous endeavor. With this pro Po Campo bag you will not only be riding in style, but you will avoid peppering the streets with your belongings potentially killing those innocent cyclists who have successfully affixed their bags or panniers to their bicycles.

divvy front 2

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Chicago Bike Week 2014

bike_commuter_challengeJune 13th-20th is Chicago’s Bike week and we are excited to show our support! This week we have a full schedule of events as we work closely with Active Transportation Alliance for their Bike Commuter Challenge and get ready for the big Bike to Work Rally.


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The Amsterdam: Dutch Bike Light

Electra’s Amsterdam series is inspired by the two-wheeled vehicle of choice of the inhabitants of its namesake. The city bikes of Amsterdam have basically epitomized European urban utility and convenience for years, and the low-maintenance toughness of these bikes has piqued the interest of many city dwellers here in the states. Electra’s Amsterdam bikes deliver the all of the style, utility and convenience with a few improvements.


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Townie: The Incomparable Original

Besides being the flagship for Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology, the Townie is on a mission to be everything to everyone. The variety of models available will make your head spin and the sheer variety of color choices will keep it spinning. The result of all of these choices is a perfect townie for everybody.Townie_Village_Cycle_Center

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Village Cycle Employee Spotlight: Nic

nic2What’s your name?:  Nic
How long have you been riding a bicycle?: I don’t remember learning to ride so I’m gonna say “As long as I can remember.”
Why do you ride a bicycle?: I used to ride because I was a kid with nothing to do in a small New England town. These days I try to justify my love of riding by saying stuff like “it keeps me active”, “it’s good for the environment”, “it saves me money”… blah blah blah… inside my real reason is that I am still that bored kid that just wants to ride a bike!
What type of riding do you do?: I mainly ride as a commuter and I really love cruisers and casual bikes… however within this pasty and flabby exterior resides the spirit of a mountain biker and I am only truly at home in the muddy trails on a pair of fat tires.
nic1Where is your favorite place to ride?:  Around Chicago, I love the North Branch Trail (Starting in Calwell Woods) as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of living in the city. My favorite trails are in my hometown back east the Exeter Town Woods in New Hampshire.  Let’s just say my first will always be my favorite.
If you could have any Trek bicycle, what would it be?: The Stache 8 29er is calling my name right at the moment but usually I am gravitating toward the Remedy 26″ or 650b. I also really like the Crossrip series for a solid city bike, they really are the perfect blend of speed and utility.

If you are into comics, 90′s music, awkward humor, and wants some info in bikes, come talk to Nic. He’s nothing short of the nicest guy in the world.

Village Cycle Employee Spotlight: Ryne

rb1What’s your name?: Ryne Brown
How long have you been riding a bicycle?: Um…. since 1977-ish
Why do you ride a bicycle?: Really, it’s just a whole lot of fun, but also cheaper, better for me and environment etc etc, but mainly because its just really, really fun!

rb2 What type of riding do you do?: Bicycle type riding…. Mainly mountain biking, but this year I will probably try some cyclocross, and possibly a little road racing because I am dumb like that (old guys don’t bounce like young guys do).
Where is your favorite place to ride?: Ski Bowl on Mt. Hood in Oregon.
If you could have any Trek bicycle, what would it be?: Session 9.9 650B, OR my new bike, a Boone 9 Disc with custom wheels!

Ryne maybe big, muscly monster, but he’s as sweet as pie! He can also ease you to sleep with his big, boomy voice. He knows the MTB world like the back of his hand.
If you’re curious about new full suspension, a 29er, something with a 650b wheel,
or just wanna talk bikes in general, come see Ryne!

Group Rides: For the Ladies!

Sunrise is getting earlier and group rides are starting up again all across the city. It’s not too hard to wake up at sunrise and get 30 miles of riding in before work. One of my favorite morning rides is Tuesday morning in Chicago. It is hosted by Spidermonkey Cycling and just for the ladies! Continue reading

Village Cycle Employee Spotlight: Lily

lily2What’s your name?: Lily Wilcock
How long have you been riding a bicycle?: Since I was two or three. I stayed on my bike till I was about 16 and then picked it back up when I was 18. Been a commuter since 2007 and started bike racing in 2013.
Why do you ride a bicycle?: The freedom of riding anywhere I want, especially where the bus or the train won’t go. I love the city and I came back to bicycles because I moved to Chicago and wanted to explore every neighborhood. I love the exploration that happens when you ride your bike.
What type of riding do you do?: I love all the bikes- even the types of bikes I don’t own yet. I have the most experience with touring bikes and cyclocross bikes. Touring bikes are made for long-distance trip like car road trips.

lily3Where is your favorite place to ride?: Minneapolis, Minnesota!
If you could have any Trek bicycle, what would it be?: Boone 9 Disc. Ride cyclocross bikes that are as rad as the races you race them in! Go big or go home!

Everyone loves Lily! You’ll never meet a little fiery ball of energy like this girl in the whole world. With an unmatched passion for cycling, she’ll make your visit to VCC worthwhile. She will also race you under the table. We love Lily!

Electra’s Ticino: Retro Style and Speed

The retro-sporty Ticino series of bikes from Electra are a bit of a departure from Electra’s laid back legacy of Cruisers and Townies but only a bit. Ticinos are inspired by popular European bike styles of the 1940s and 50s. Simultaneously comfortable and efficient, the Ticino is the stylish alternative to the countless vanilla hybrids out there.


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