Sidi Diablo GTX – Making My Feet Happy All Winter Long

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Sidi Diablo GTX,
I love you!

If you have yet to get yourself a pair of dedicated cold weather shoes, get yourself some Sidi Diablo GTX. Up until last year I was using my Dragons with Gore Tex socks, and City Overshoes for slushy days. But then I was lucky enough to get my feet into a set of Sidi’s Diablo GTX and since then, my feet have never been happier. I use them for my daily commute, cross racing in a foot of snow, or mountain biking at Palos once everything is frozen over. Usually a pair of thin socks is all I need, but occasionally, on the uber cold days, I need some thick socks. Which Sidi was kind enough to think about by adding some extra room so my tootsies still get blood flow.

After a pedaling through a full Chicago winter last year, 2 races, and couple trips to Palos, mine are still holding strong and ready for another year.

Sidi Diablo GTX

Your feet are vulnerable on cold, wet off- and on-road rides. Keep them toasty and dry with Sidi’s Diablo GTX shoes. They sport waterproof and thermal Gore-Tex uppers along with neoprene cuffs and billow tongues so winter seems a world away. Plus, you’ll benefit from supreme pedaling dynamics with Sidi’s Competition soles and Velcro closures for fine-tuning the fit. And, you’ll appreciate the aggressive tread on the soles for all-conditions traction.

In stock at Village Cycle Center, with a fill order on the way.

Check them out in our store or online here.

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