To Embro, Or Not To Embro? That Is The Question.

Being I ride in the cold weather and race some of that cyclocross stuff I have been thinking about busting out some fine embrocations. So, being it was cold, and I was going for a ride, I decided to try out some for the first time. It was a brisk 26 degrees when we started our ride and all I had with me was my DZ Nuts InHeat High Heat Embrocation. No tights, no leg warmers, no DZ Nuts InHeat Medium or InHeat Low Heat Embrocation. And while my ride was excellent and my legs were very much happy the whole time. It did warm up to over 40 degrees and as things warmed up, so did my legs. We rode for about 2 hours, and afterwards I had nothing to clean the embro off, so on went the pants, and let me tell you. My legs were toasty. Super toasty. The shower when I got home. Hot. Legs like fire. The lesser llama would had slightly watery eyes. And for 30 minutes after the shower. Towel only, no pants. But after about 45 minutes, everything was back to normal.

Legs so warm I rolled up the knees on my knickers.

Here are some things I learned in the process.

1. Use gloves to apply the embro, and start with small amounts.
I did use gloves, but I did not use a small amount. It was a large blob, and it was too much.

2. Don’t touch anything with embro but your legs. I must had wiped my nose while applying the embro cause it was cold and it was running. I know this because my nose was warm the whole ride. Warm and tingly.

3. Bring something to get the embrocation off. This stuff is made from what makes hot peppers hot, and washing it off with water does not work. Use something like dish soap. I almost tried milk during the shower. Either way, do your best to get it off before you put on pants. Trust me.

4. NEVER USE HIGH HEAT! Unless it is very, very cold, and you are riding for at least 2 hours.

DZ Nuts InHeat Embrocation. Fire it up!

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