Whose Nutz? DZ Nutz! Pro Chamois Cream

For years I was one of those late adopters. Last one to get a cell phone, last one to get clip-less pedals, etc. “I don’t need all your fancy expensive novelty gadgets to get the job done!” I would proclaim. I took pride in enduring – even thriving – in less than ideal conditions. I even resisted padded shorts for a time when I first took up road biking 10 years ago (stupid stupid). Now, when it comes to road riding, I use the phrase “if you haven’t done it you don’t know what you’re missing” a lot. Of course this applies to padded shorts and clip-less pedals, but now to DZ Nutz Pro Chamois Cream as well. I first noticed the smooth buttery feel upon application, then a scene from Revenge of the Nerds comes to mind – “you put liquid heat in their what?!” That was the menthol kicking in, proving a nice initial motivation to get in the saddle and hammer. Before long, it was I didn’t notice that was most notable…the rubbing, scraping, and chafing associated with the endurance riding I like to do. Comfort is everything on the bike, and if you have any annoying distractions while in the saddle, you can’t perform. There’s a reason the pros do certain things, but you don’t need to be a pro like David Zabriske to add a little comfort to your ride. Eliminate the irritation and rashes/sores on your next ride…Thanks to DZ Nuts Pro Chamois Cream.

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