Short Sleeve Gore-Tex for the Win!


It’s days like these that I love me some short sleeve Gore-Tex jackets and Gore-Tex shorts. Starting to get chilly, with a dash of rain, but still too warm for a full rain kit? Perfect weather for rain shorts and short sleeve jacket! Keeps my chamois from soaking up rain water, or even worse, Chicago street nastiness. Jacket keeps my core dry, while the short sleeves allow for venting and keep me sweat free. Add some Gore-Tex socks to the ensemble, and I am just about as waterproof as a frogs butt.

Got questions about what to where when? Let me know, and I can point you in the right direction. Or, if you have the means, come to Village Cycle Center’sDressing for the Weather” with Gore Bike Wear Thursday, November 15th 6-8pm.

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