10 Tune Ups to the First 10 to Get 100 Likes

Village Cycle Center is giving away 10 free tune-ups to the first 10 people to get 100 likes on a picture of their bike that is deserving of a tune-up.

Post a picture of your ride to our Facebook page.
Get 100 likes on your picture.
Win a tune up!

It is just that simple.

The tune-up includes:

  • Adjust shifting systems (front and rear derailleurs)
  • Adjust braking systems (front and rear brakes)
  • True wheels (tighten spokes and align wheel)
  • Tighten cranks, pedals, headset, and other parts that like to loosen up
  • Lube drive train
  • Inflate tires with air
  • Wipe down bike

If your bike requires more, you can upgrade to our other packages for:
Annual Peak Performance – $60
Complete Mechanical Overhaul – $150

Helpful hints:

  1. Share your picture.
  2. Ask your friends to like the picture, but tell them why first.
  3. Have your friends share the picture as well.

Bicycle services available at Village Cycle Center.

Rules of the contest:

  1. We make the laws of the contest rules. If you don’t dig them, don’t play.
  2. All decisions are made by us. Sometimes mistakes happen, if they do, we can decide to fix them or not.
  3. If you are not at least 18, you can not win. Do not even try and play. Sorry. Get your mom or dad to post the picture.
  4. The tune-ups must be used by March 31st, 2013.
  5. No cash value to the winnings.
  6. Non transferable.
  7. Tacos rule.
  8. If 10 people have not won by Jan 31st 2013, the contest will end either way.

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