Active Transportation Alliance Bicycle Tune Up Promotion

Chicago’s Bike Experts at Village Cycle Center and Active Transportation Alliance are working together to help make Chicago a better place to ride our bikes, and tune your bike up at the same time!

From now until April 30th 2013, we are offering our $90 Preventative Maintenance bicycle tune up package for $70, and not only do you get your bike tuned up and ready to perform well all season long, but Village Cycle Center will give you a one year membership to the Active Transportation Alliance, ATA waterbottle, and 7 County Bicycle Map!

If you are already a member, don’t fret, we will hook you up too. Get our $90┬áPreventative┬áMaintenance bicycle tune up package for only $50!

As a Active Transportation Member, you always get a 10% discount on accessories and labor!

For all ATA discounts, you must always present your membership card.

Preventative Maintenace includes:

– Adjust shifting systems (front and rear derailleurs)

– Adjust braking systems (front and rear brakes)

– True wheels (tighten spokes and align wheel)

– Tighten cranks, pedals, headset, and other parts that like to loosen up

– Lube drivetrain

– Inflate tires with air

– Wipe down bike

*any additional parts, labor, or tax is not included and is extra.

The mission of Active Transportation Alliance is to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful, sedentary travel to clean, active travel. We advocate for transportation that encourages and promotes safety, physical activity, health, recreation, social interaction, equity, environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

Active Transportation Alliance

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