Trek’s 29er legacy

For over a dozen years, we’ve produced more 29ers than anyone else. It’s no wonder we make the best bigwheelers on the planet.

More momentum


A bigger wheel holds its momentum better, so you keep rolling over rough stuff and maintain your speed through the corners.

Better angle of attack


Increased wheel size decreases the angle of attack. That means bigger wheels make obstacles seem smaller.

Greater stability


On a 29er, your center of gravity is lower relative to the pivot point (the front axle). This results in a more stable feeling as you sit deeper in the cockpit.

Improved traction


A 29″ tire has a longer contact patch. This greatly improves climbing and cornering ability, and helps the bike float over soft, loamy terrain.

G2 Geometry


The best-handling 29ers

Conventional wisdom says 29ers have sleepy handling compared to 26″ wheel bikes. We solved that with G2 Geometry, featuring a custom-offset fork and advanced frame geometry for precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability. It’s why Trek 29ers handle better than any others.