Choosing the Right Bike For You

choosing the right bike

Living in Chicago, one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to get around the city is by riding a bicycle. No matter what you’re looking to do, there are different types of bikes for all occasions. For those considering a purchase of one of the many Trek or Electra bikes available, it’s important to weigh all of your options. The following will provide in-depth details about what each type of bike is best used for and why.

Different Types of Bikes

Road Bikes

The road bike is equipped with 700c wheels and smooth tires for a fast and efficient ride on paved roads. The road bike can serve as a quick commuter or even a race bike. It has a low rolling resistance and a wide variety of gear options which make it perfect for flat as well as hilly terrain. In addition, the road bike has a more aggressive riding position which allows for more power transfer to the pedals.

Cyclocross Bikes

A cyclo-cross bike is similar in build to a road bike, with the primary difference being more aggressive tires and a variety of brake options for stopping power in all conditions. These bikes were designed specifically for a type of bike racing known as cyclo-cross racing. Due to their light frame and strong brakes, a cyclo-cross bike can be used in practically any situation and is perfect for both racing purposes and commuting purposes.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are best used on long trips and journeys that will take you across states or have you riding for hours on end. As such, there are two key areas that touring bikes, specifically Trek bikes, tend to focus on; comfort and durability. Touring bikes accommodate front and rear racks to better carry your belongings. The wheels are heavy duty to allow for a large load capacity.

Tri Bikes

Tri bikes are bicycles that are built specifically for riders that are participating in a triathlon. This bicycle is notable due to the near vertical seatposts that aid riders in utilizing their gluteus and hamstring muscles more efficiently. The bars on a tri bike are specifically designed to put you in an aerodynamic position. Due to placement of these handlebars, the rider’s body draws forward and into a tucked position increasing efficiency and speed.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are used primarily for off-road cycling. These bikes have built in front and/or rear suspension in order to absorb any jolts and bumps caused by riding over uneven terrain. These bikes have thick knobby tires to maintain traction on loose dirt and rocky terrain . Anyone that wants to ride primarily on unpaved environments and mountain trails should consider a mountain bike.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes have a relaxed, upright riding position, and are crafted as a means of providing maximum comfort for the rider. These bikes often come with curved handlebars, large balloon tires and heavily padded seats and are meant for riding on smooth paved surfaces. Cruiser bikes typically come with 1-7 speeds in total.

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are designed for off-road stunt riding. These bikes are typically used on dirt tracks that have been created with stunts in mind. The frames are smaller and they have a freewheel attached to them to allow for better and more ranged freedom when attempting to do tricks and stunts. If you’re trying to make your way onto the BMX scene, this bike is for you.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a mix between road and mountain bikes. They typically have flat handlebars like a mountain bike but wheels like a road bike for a more comfortable yet quick ride. There are many types of hybrid bikes available, all designed for different uses.

Fitness Hybrids

Fitness hybrids are very similar to road bikes and are perfect for those individuals looking to use the bike for commuting or exercise. They have larger diameter wheels and thinner tires for faster rolling and less rolling resistance, which is similar to a road bike. The flat handlebars are similar to a mountain bike.

Comfort Hybrids

Comfort hybrids are similar to cruisers in that they provide their riders with as much comfort as possible. They incorporate somewhat larger but smooth tires and an upright riding position. Some of these bikes use 700c wheels, while others use 26″.

Dual Sports

Dual sport hybrids are most similar to a mountain bike. They consist of larger 700c wheels, but have a thinner and knobby tire on them. They can be used on pavement, but are better for light off-road trails, like a mountain bike. This is the perfect type of bike for anyone that wants a bike that can adequately function on all types of terrain.

Still Unsure What You Need?

If you’re still not sure what type of bike will work best for you come into the store and our team will be happy to help you pick out the perfect bike for you.

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