One of the most stressful things that can happen when you’re on a bike ride is an unexpected bike emergency. Imagine: you’re riding along the lakeshore and suddenly things get pretty bumpy. You look down and realize you’ve got a flat and no emergency kit. Now what? Village Cycle would like to help you head off this emergency before it happens. We’ve created an emergency packing list for you to stock up on before your next ride. For more information on Village Cycle and our products and services, visit us online at or call (312) 751-2488.

Compact Bag

A compact bike bag is the number one item for your emergency kit packing list. Without your bag, it’d be impossible to bring everything you need with you. Make sure you get a bag that you can easily secure to your bike, one that will hold all the items on this list easily and securely, and if you spend a lot of time biking in the city you should buy one that has a locking mechanism.

Multi Tool

Make sure that you choose a hex wrench with both a 4 mm hex and a 5 mm hex, with both a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver included.

Full Size Tube Spare

Don’t monkey around with an undersized spare. Just go ahead and get a full sized tube. They roll up compact enough to fit in a reasonably sized bag anyway and will be a much better investment.

Full Size Tire Lever

Find one that will be compact enough to fit in your bag; you’ll thank us later. 

CO2 Inflator

Don’t waste your time with a compact tire pump. A CO2 inflator is well worth the investment when you don’t have to pump up the tire by hand on the side of the road in busy traffic.


Hey, you never know when a little spare cash will come in handy.

Hex Wrench

Opt for the 15 mm variety.

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