saddle sores

Saddle Sores. WTF-101

If you ride a bike as much as I do, then there is a very good chance that you have had a dealing or two with cycling’s giant pain in the ass, the saddle sore. At this point, I realized what I had, a saddle sore. One of those things that almost all cyclists deal […]
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Bicycle Lights 101

Bicycle Lights 101 In this post I am going to talk about different luminary devices, proper placement and use, and the law. The Law First things first, the law.I am writing from Chicago, and my knowledge pertains to local laws, so Chicago law is what I will be using. But even in the absence of […]
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Thwarting Bicycle Thievery!

 I encounter morose folks everyday that are charged with the disheartening task of replacing a stolen wheel, a seat and seat-post, and worst of all their beloved bicycle. There are greedy lazy swindling jerks out there devoid of any decency and lacking any kind of conscience looking to bamboozle your bike, it’s up to you […]
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