MORE Reasons To Do a Triathlon: Reflections of a First-Time Triathlete

reasons to do a triathlon


It’s been a while. Last year, The Village Cycle Center helped me check off a bucket list item: participate in a triathlon. Being primarily a runner, but with a major love of bikes and a childhood full of swimming, this was a new and fun adventure. It is now time to start planning the next one – so you may be considering it yourself! You may recall the post my sister did on The 10 Reasons to do a Triathlon. If you need more convincing to sign up for YOUR first triathlon, here are some of my thoughts a few months after my first triathlon:

  • my reasons to do a triathlonDoing a triathlon will in fact earn you the respect of some of your peers. I now have some friends that make biking references or triathlon references to me. A lot of time I don’t really know what they’re talking about, but I feel pretty cool. This photo (taken by LifeTime Tri – the major sponsor of the race); the comments on Facebook included “mad jealous.” and “bad ass”. What’s that you say? My head just doubled in size?
  • Running alone has never made my body feel as strong as I did when training for the triathlon. Seriously. Even with (or because of?) my big head.
  • Afraid of swimming? Don’t be. I barely slept the night before the race because I was terrified of cold water, getting kicked in the head and drowning without anyone noticing because of how big the race is. Turns out, swimming was my favorite part of the race. The water (in lake MICHIGAN mind you) was a lovely 60+ degrees, and the sun was coming up because of the absurdly early start time. Have you ever watched the sunrise as you swim? With sailboats in the foreground? It’s lovely. And all of the other ladies in our heat were very friendly and did not kick me in the head. Bonus.
  • If you’re thinking of doing a triathlon, see if you can get some friends/family members to do it with you. It was awesome to do this race with my two big sisters, even though I think they both beat me. It’s ok. I can handle it. :)reasons to do a triathlon - make it a family event

So sign up! It’ll be fun. You’ll get increased self-esteem and muscles you didn’t know you had.

Next adventure: learning how to use clipless pedals. Stay tuned.

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