the 606 trail in chicago

Chicago’s Latest Bike Trail – The 606

Imagine a biking and walking trail, more than a decade in the making, that offers Chicagoans the peace of the rural countryside in the midst of a hectic and bustling city. This is The 606, the highly anticipated new trail that received a welcome 50,000 strong on its opening day in June. Expectations are high […]
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tips to keep hydrated while riding your bike

H2O 101: How to Stay Hydrated When Biking

Why You Should Stay Hydrated Regardless of the season, staying hydrated is critical not just to maintain strong athletic performance but to ensure overall wellness. Especially during the summer months, dehydration can occur quickly under any circumstances, which means that it can happen even more quickly while bicycling, leaving you feeling dizzy and sluggish from […]
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history of triathlons at the olympics

Triathlons at the Olympics

The triathlon is a competition in which the athletes perform three endurance challenges, one right after the other. In the most common form of the sport, the athletes swim, bike, and run in that order. The distances vary from Sprint distance (swim 0.47 miles, bike 12 miles, and run 3.1 miles) to Ironman (swim 2.4 […]
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