Bontrager Ion 350 Headlight

Bontrager Ion 350 Headlight

With the proper bike lights, you can ride all day and into the night. Lights make sure that you can see and be seen by motorists and other cyclists. The Bontrager Ion 350 is one of the best on the market.

Made to mount on your helmet or handlebars, the Bontrager Ion 350 furthers its ease of use by featuring a USB rechargeable battery. It packs a 350 lumen, high powered LED light, the equivalent of a 30-watt light bulb. You could focus that power on the path ahead while still maintaining visibility from afar.

The battery fully charges in 4 hours and can last up to 10 hours in its daytime flash setting or 1.5 hours at full power. Three other settings allow you to adjust for your lighting needs and maintain safety no matter the conditions. All of this so you can focus on your ride and less on your gear.

The Ion 350 can quickly and easily mount with Bontrager’s Quick Connect brackets, making it a useful and convenient part of your arsenal. It is also built to work with Bontrager’s Blendr integration system, allowing it to become a seamless part of your ride. It also comes with the Bontrager Unconditional Guarantee.

Whether you want to own the night or day, the Bontrager Ion 350 will light it up your path and keep you safe. Shop the Ion 350 in store or online today.

Bontrager Ion 350

Only $59.99

  • Ideal for helmet or handlebar mount
  • Focused optics illuminate road or path with a broad but powerful light
  • 350LM-1.50hrs, 200LM-3hrs, 100LM-6hrs, Night Flash-9hrs, Day Flash-10hrs
  • Fully charges in 4 hours through sealed Micro USB port
Bontrager Ion 350 R Bicycle Headlight

Bontrager Ion 350 Bicycle Headlight

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