GORE Mistral Gloves, Seriously!

As the days awash in summer’s warmth begin to sink beyond the horizon, I knew it was time to begin my annual quest for the most elusive article of quintessential cold weather cycling gear, a pair of decent gloves. In the beginning I think of all the attributes I desire in such a glove, weather tolerance, warmth, fit, and overall resilience to day-to-day wear. Upon taking those criteria into deep consideration, and after hours of mind wrenching contemplation, sleepless nights, and little soul searching the answer reveals itself. GORE mistral gloves.
I dipped my fingers into a freshly purchased pair, courtesy of Village Cycle Center, and I must confess, it wasn’t but a few seconds and I soon found my whole hand submerged. Normally I don’t rush into such a commitment, but the shoe fit, except the shoe was glove of course. First things I noticed was how comfortable, and stylishly fitting they were, caressing every contour of my supple digits. It was apparent that whoever tailored such a garment was extremely proficient, and no doubt belonged to highest echelon of expertise in their trade. GORE was kind enough to include modest padding along the palmar arch, long elastic cuffs, grippy portions on your brake engaging fingers, as well has reflective elements to enhance visibility. They are not entirely waterproof, but the WINDSTOPPER fabric shred’s moisture quite effectively, and even when damp they provide warmth that only a mother’s embrace could rival, and ever since the global ban on using baby whale skin as fabric was mandated, windstopper is the only textile that even comes close to comparison.
I consider it a transitional glove, appropriate for autumn and spring. Once temperatures fall below freezing, these will not cut it, though I did have some success fitting a thin pair of liners beneath them. Some may consider GORE products to be a little pricey, the mistral’s being around $50 msrp, to them I respond, “You go to Hades, you won’t need any gloves there!” but seriously, when your riding in the cold, your hands and feet, being your outermost extremities, must endure the brunt of the chill, it’s worth the extra cost.

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  1. Village Cycle Center
    11 years ago Reply

    Great review on a very good product. We almost all have a pair of these gloves.

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