Sport Wash

I wish they made this stuff in gallon containers. Especially for cross season. Sport Wash does not have any dyes or perfumes that clog your technical fabrics or leave a film on your Gore-Tex. I have been using Sport Wash for about 5 years, and have noticed that my gear keeps its performance levels up longer with it. Not to mention it actually gets the stink out of dirty base layers and socks. I ride all year round, and this stuff even cleans the winter road salt encrusted off my Gore Bike Wear City Overshoes.

Here is what Penguin Apparel Care says about their product:

Outperforming your performance wear? If you are washing it with regular detergent, then you are. Residues left by regular detergents trap moisture which cause odor, and block their performance-enhancing features of your gear.
Penguin Sport-Wash is no regular detergent.
Its residue-free, non-allergenic formula is designed to keep high-tech fabric at peak performance and odor-free by washing away residues left by regular detergents, removing dirt, neutralizing bacteria, and restoring breathability, moisture-wicking, and factory applied waterproofing (DWR).
And it’s biodegradable, so your conscience is as clean as your gear.
  • Removes trapped odors from fabrics
  • Restores factory applied waterproofing (DWR)
  • Keeps high-tech fabrics looking & working like new
  • Restores wicking properties and eliminates odor to *Dri-FIT®, *Under Armour ®,Coolmax ® and engineered polyester fibers
  • Restores the loft & effectiveness to down & synthetic insulation
  • Removes blood & grass stains
  • Prevents color fading
  • Biodegradable
    (Contains biodegradable vegetable surfactants.)
*Under Armour® is a registered trademark.
*CoolMax® is a registered trademark of INVISTA.
*Dri-FIT® is a registered trademark of NIKE.

Village Cycle Center has Sport Wash in stock at all times.

sport wash for gore bike wear

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