Review by Scott N. from Yelp

– 8/24/2011 – by Scott N. from Yelp

Having purchased my mountain bike there a few years ago, I’m giving VC a 5-star rating today based on a pair of fantastic experiences I’ve enjoyed over the last three weeks. Most recently, I had a great interaction with one of the bike fitting/sales specialists, Evan. I had borrowed and brought my buddy’s bike in with me to get a new tube and lube for the triathlon, and was hoping the crew might help me adjust the seat. Not only did Evan adjust all the specs for free, he had me ride on the stationary bike to ensure my form was correct, he twice tweaked the pitch and position of the seat to make sure it was perfect, adjusted the pedal straps to better fit my shoes, greased down the chain, gave lots of instruction on the gear shifting, etc. In short, Evan was the ultimate equipment coach, which I really needed. He didn’t push any sales, and made my experience there fantastic. BTW, be sure to print off the $20 coupon the next time you take a bike there for servicing, as they gladly accept it, based on my earlier experience there with the mountain bike this month.

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