Cyclelogical Urban Gaiter – Keeping My Pant Legs Clean

I ride everyday. In all types of weather. Hot, cold, rainy, snowy, blustery (I love that term), windy, however the days comes. One of my favorite little pieces of gear is the Cyclelogical Urban Gaiter. It has a Velcro wrap closure, reflective sides, built in pocket, and is built tough. I dig this little feller, it provides me with a couple functions I like.
First one being it keeps the bottoms of my pants clean and salt free on the really wet or sloppy days. For those times I will use two, one for each leg. On the days when the roads are just wet, but the skies aren’t doing the same, with fenders and the gaiters, everything stays clean and I don’t need my rain pants.
Another is having the pocket. I can put my flat repair kit in it if I don’t feel like carrying a bag. You could put your wallet or keys in it if you desire. Or, I will even hold a flask (Zym of course).


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