Blackburn Airstick Longnek Evo, Dispelling the Myth.

Quiet your mind and imagine a land before time… Envision a herd of longnecks gracefully roaming an adolescent planet Earth, without fear they graze, sing songs, and raise their young uninterrupted for millenia. Legend has it that on one fate filled day the very threads of this peaceful existence were torn asunder. The great skies opened up, raining fire on these Jurassic giants. From their ashes… the Blackburn Airstick Longneck Evo was birthed.

Artists rendition of the Longneck Pumposaur herd.

Evolved to be compact enough to stow neatly in one’s repair satchel without sacrificing it’s unprecedented utility. Using it’s retractable omnivorous pump head, whose tongue has a taste for either presta or schraeder valve types, and it’s collapsing handle, the Longneck allows for greater leverage enhancing pumping ease. It also ensures limited angular stress placed on the valve stem itself, inspiring relief the rivals barely escaping death found in the bottomless bowels of a tar pit.

Unlike it’s prehistoric predecessors, if this pump should prematurely perish, Blackburn offers a lifetime warranty that will secure it’s species survival throughout any cataclysm. In conclusion we can reflect on the timeless wisdom of Dr. Ian Malcolm, that even in chaos, “life finds a way”.

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