Change is in the Air

Change is in the air at Village Cycle Center. Over the last few years our selection and inventory of apparel and outer wear has greatly increased. Great new manufactures have been added like Gore Bike Wear, Bontrager, Craft, Mission Workshop, Swrve, and more. The problem we started to have is that the only place to try on these wonderful pieces of bike wear creative genius was in the bathroom. This was fine if you were into multitasking, but not so much if the prior occupant was, and you are not. Ewe.

Well, that was the past, and the future is now!

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls,… I give you….


Everything starts with a plan.
Safety first! With a dash of style.
Changing room requires some assembly.
Changing room requires lots of assembly!
Found a door.
Parts is parts.
is more parts.
Need a handle for the door, some double stick tape, screws, and 16 concrete anchors that aren’t pictured.
After 4 hours of drilling through very hard concrete and going through 3 bits, an hour or so later, the walls were up.
Door has a handle, and room to close off.
Bench, mirror, and hooks added to finish it off. Boom. The future is now!

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