Product Review: Bontrager Shorts

aka Caitlin’s new booty shorts

Overall, these shorts have some awesome features that I really appreciate:

  • The “cush” factor: I owned cycling shorts before. They were padded, but these new ones add another whole layer of cush.  (According to spell check, “cush” isn’t a word. Spell check clearly hasn’t worn these shorts).  I’ve thought of wearing them to class, where we have rock-hard* plastic chairs to sit on for 9 hours of class. Seriously. These shorts would save my Sitz bones** some unnecessary pain.
*The opposite of rock-hard. Also see the first picture in this post.
  • The plastic-y material on the inside of the short leg keeps it from riding up. Of course I love showing off my very short legs, but for biking comfort, it’s best to keep the shorts where they belong.  My other biking shorts have extra elastic which isn’t quite as effective or comfortable.
  • The top. It has this nice “V” shape in front and a smooth waist band that is very comfortable. It makes it easy to to bend down (as one does to ride a bike) and not have any front-bunching or constriction around the waist.
So there you go. These are some great cycling shorts.

**Funny side note: until my sister corrected me a few weeks ago, I thought that “Sitz” bones were spelled “sits” bones. Because you sits on them, obviously. And yet somehow I knew that Sitz bath was spelled “Sitz”…

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