Scorching a Trail Through the Dark – Blackburn Scorch 1.0 Review by Ken

When I took the sleek looking Scorch 1.0 head light on it’s pioneering pilgrimage from work to home, a brilliant revelation dawned upon me, this apparatus is what I had been missing all my life, in my night riding repertoire . I was overcome by a warming glow, as if I were a newborn child witnessing the sunrise unfold for the first time.  I have a 15 mile commute that I start at around 8:30pm each night, and was previously riding with a great Blackburn Flea 2.0 light set.  Then I decided to upgrade to something that would light up those dark spots between street lamps on my ride after my frame was savagely slain by one stealthy strike from a ninja pothole. One trait of Scorch that I find particularly attractive is that it has three setting options, high beam, low beam, and strobe, allowing me to craft my own on bike ambiance, setting the mood for whatever environment I roll through. It is impressively bright and easy to take off the bike when I lock it up.  I still use my Fleas on strobe going in the front and rear, this way I have the Scorch illuminating my path and the Fleas grabbing attention and differentiating me as a bicycle while amidst traffic.  The BEST PART about these light systems is that they are fully rechargeable with lithium ion batteries and have a lifetime warranty.  Ideal for a safety conscious nightly commuter, who desires more from their bicycle doodads.

The Blackburn Scorch 1.0 is now in stock at Village Cycle Center!

• Compact, rechargeable Li-Ion headlight
• CNC machined aluminum housing
• Super-bright white CREE® XP-G LED
• 140 Lumen output
• Magnetic USB smart charger
• No tools universal clamp mounts to any handlebar
• 1hr High, 3hr std, 5hr flashing run times
• LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
Scorch Lights: Patented Power Attachment Patented power attachment passes electrical current through magnets, allowing for a compact and watertight connection.
Scorch Lights: Charge via USB
Charges via any standard USB port.

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