Top 10 Reasons To Do A Triathlon

top ten reasons to do a triathlon

Top 10 reasons to do a triathlon

Or, why in the world am I working out when it’s so crazy hot out?
On Sunday August 26, 2012 I’m planning on doing the Life Time Chicago sprint distance triathlon (that’s a .47 mile swim, 13.64 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)Given the sweaty weather that’s settled in Chicago (thanks climate change!), I’ve been thinking about why I decided to do this triathlon and, in turn, why others I know have decided it’s a good idea to work out in the summer heat. I asked six of my triathlon-accomplished friends why they had decided to do their first triathlons and this is what they said – both their serious as my soul answers, and the ones that aimed to get a laugh.

Top 10 Reasons to do a Triathlon:

10.  You thrive on being one step away from dehydration: Triathlon training in Chicago can mean running, biking, swimming and “strength training” to the tune of 3-10 hours a week (more or less). Unless you’re able to get up with the sun every morning, this may mean that you can be seen on the lake front path after work resembling something like a gasping beet. So if your day-to-day life does not include enough near death experiences, you can build one in: triathlon training in the Chicago heat.

9. You need something to brag about at work: While in the work elevator, you suddenly find yourself non-chalantly saying, “oh yeah, you know the lake is really cold this time of year, I did swim like a million miles this morning for my TRIATHLON training, oh, did I tell you I’m doing a TRIATHLON?” Do they need to know it’s only a sprint distance, which is no Ironman (2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon 26.2-mile (42.2 km) run) and that the training is actually not that much time? No.
8. Because your sister is doing one. My sister Mary and I trained and did our first triathlon together. Now, six years later, we’re doing another one, this time with one of our other sisters, Caitlin.  Even though all three of us live in different states, we can talk about training and provides both camaraderie as well as a little healthy competition.
7. You’re going through a mid-life crisis: Apparently for some, who will remain nameless, this can come (came) as early as age 30. Triathlons provide an achievable goals; it give you a chance to excel in things you’re good at while challenging you in areas you’re not. And, it’s much cheaper than a fancy car (and it can give you an excuse to get a souped up bike).
6. You’re preparing for peak oil: Despite Washington’s inability to tackle issues like climate change and the impending scarcity of fossil fuels, you understand that at some point, the way we get around is going to have to fundamentally change. So, you say, I could buy some land, learn to farm, and start building simple machines, OR I could learn to swim, run, and bike in case I need to make a quick getaway to Canada to get out of the heat.
my top ten reasons to do a triathlon5. You won your entry fee from Village Cycle because you got some fools on Facebook to like your picture. That’s me.
4. You want to learn how to run/swim/or long distance bike. A triathlon will teach you how to do all of those and it helps work a variety of muscles so that you’re less prone to injuries.
3. You need motivation to work out: Maybe when it’s literally a hundred degrees out you don’t usually say to yourself, “why, I should run four miles and then swim one just for the heck of it”. Triathlon training programs are generally 6-12 weeks long and give you a range of exercises, which helps you not get bored with them.
2. You want to know what it feels like to finish one: Did you grow up watching the Olympics and assume that some day you would win a silver metal? (that’s right, I was realistic enough to know I wouldn’t win the gold in gymnastics, a sport I’d never actually tried in my life) Or maybe watch a lot of the Mighty Ducks when you were little? The triathlon could be your adult version of athletic success that you always dreamed you’d have.
1. You need something to do. Triathlons and training for them will definitely give some structure to your summer as well as some tone to your limbs. It helps you challenge yourself; it’s a test of individual endurance since you race only against yourself. Sure, you may race someone on a particular leg of the race, but in the end, you’re the only one you’re really competing with.
There are about six weeks between now and the Aug 26th sprint in case any one wants to join us!

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  1. Anthony
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    What a great post! Motivational, inspirational and funny to boot. The Chicago Triathlon is coming up quick, looking forward to 3 days of fun and excitement.

  2. cj
    11 years ago Reply

    Awesome Post! I like #5, because that is also my reason. LOL

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