Enzo’s Cycling Products Buttonhole Chamois Cream

Love me some Buttonhole! Used to used DZ Nuts, which I also liked, by my backside likes the formula behind Enzo’s Buttonhole Chamois Cream better. A bit less tingle then the previous chamois motion lotion I used before, but that’s not a thing at all. Long lasting, a mitten full of this Buttonhole on your taint, and you are ready to go the distance. And, with the tub instead of the tube, you get more of the product out of the container and onto your taint. Also, you can reuse the containers for parts bins if you have a work bench, left over containers, jewelry boxes, urns, pet food dishes, paint mixing cups, flower pots, and more!

Village Cycle Center always has Buttonhole available.

Llama loves Enzo's Buttonhole

Llama loves Enzo’s Buttonhole

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Enzo’s also makes another great product, the Oil Stick. Check out my review on it here.

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