Enzo’s Cycling Products Oil Stick

Enzo’s Cycling Products in one of our sponsors, and the Oil Stick is one of their products. Even if they didn’t sponsor us, I would be using this stuff. Made from a pretty snazzy blend of oils, the Oil Stick leaves a protective film of eucalyptus smelling cold weather protection on your legs. 40 – 60 degrees, with wind or rain, doesn’t matter, Oil Stick has you covered. After an hour of pushing pedals through a wet & cold cross race, the Oil Stick still stuck. This stuff is like embro without the burn. I love it, and I want to marry it. (As of March 17th, I can no longer marry it, but I still love it.)

Village Cycle Center always has the Oil Stick in stock.

A little note about using the Enzo’s Oil Stick, bring wet naps with you to wipe it off after the race.

Llama and Enzo's Oil Stick

Llama and Enzo’s Oil Stick

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