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trek project one custom bikesDon’t settle for anyone else’s bike. Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Customize, personalize, sensationalize, the choice is yours. Just select the model, fit, styling, and components you desire, and we’ll build your dream bike. Trek Project One makes is easy and fun to design your dream bike.

Building perfection, one bike at a time

Trek will create your custom bike the way we build every Project One bike: by hand, one at a time, with the love and care only the most experienced bike builders and artists can offer. Trek obsesses over every detail. And when your custom bike arrives, the reality will surpass the dream.


First step to building your dream bike is to pick the platform to start with. Domane, Madone, and Speed Concept are all available through Project One. My choice is a Domane, I love the ride, and like to spend hours in the saddle.


Pick your paint job! There are so many different options available through Project One, they you may have to get more than one new bike.


The U5 Vapor Coat will give you the lightest frame possible, but no decals are allowed to keep the weight down.


Pick your group set, from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo now available with SRM power built in. I am a SRAM man myself, so on goes the SRAM Red with SRM.


Clincher or tubular? Deep dish or shallow? Carbon or aluminum? Tubeless? Graphic color? All for you to pick from. My dream Domane is going to get the Aeolous 5 D3 tubular wheels with red graphics to match the SRAM Red group highlights.


Tire options are next, tubular’s get a smaller amount of choices, but the clinchers get color options as well.


Carbon or aluminum stems with black or white color options. Black carbon for the ride is the way to go.


Lots of different handlebars to choose from with many different fit options. I like carbon bars without the aero shaping.


Bar tape and housing colors are also up to you. For my Domane, I am going with black and black.


Many, many saddles to choose from. While the Paradigm is a great saddle, I prefer the Team Issue, and pick it for my dream bike.


Ready to roll! Next thing to do is submit the bike to Village Cycle Center to order, and set up a fit console to make sure stuff like stem length, bike frame size, crank length and more are all correct for you.


Trek Project One offers more color combos than you can shake a stick at.


Give your Speed Concept flames and matching highlights.


Support the team and rock a replica team bike!


Madone 7 series with Campagnolo


Paint jobs special to Trek Project One like “Shut Up Legs”



Trek Madone 7.9 - Little details make a difference

Trek Madone 7.9 – Little details make a difference

Every detail is up to you, down to the cable color.

Every detail is up to you, down to the cable color.



This is my dream Project One Domane. If anyone at Trek wants to send me one, I ride a 60cm, with 175 double, 44 bars, and 110 mm stem. Thanks!

This is my dream Project One Domane. If anyone at Trek wants to send me one, I ride a 60cm, with 175 double, 44 bars, and 110 mm stem. Thanks!


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