2014 Trek Madone

2014 Trek Madone 7.9

2014 Trek Madone 7.9

Trek Road/

Power. Passion. Performance.

These light, swift bikes have what it takes to keep you ouf front.

Trek is the #1 performance bike brand. The Trek R&D department is the best int he world, and they are commited to making every one of our road bikes the absolute best in its class.

Trek Madone. Train, race, win.

The Trek Madone has 6 families of bikes to choose from:

2014 Trek Madone 7 Series:

Just when you thought a road bike couldn’t possibly get any better, it did. The 2014 Trek Madone 7 Series is the best of everything: the fastest, incredibly aero, and now with and even lighter frame and incomparable ride feel. Still built by hand, and made to win.

2014 Madone 7.9

2014 Madone 7.9 WSD

2014 Madone 7.7

2014 Trek Madone 6 Series:

The Trek Madone 6 Series is race-bike royalty. Its all-new frame combines a phenomenal lighter ride feel with a super-aero shape to take you to the finish first. Hand build in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

2014 Madone 6.5

2014 Madone 6.2

2014 Madone 6.2 WSD

2014 Trek Madone 5 Series:

Madone 5 Series is a true pro-level preformance road bike. The Trek Madone 5 Series is everythign you need with race ready features like, impeccable integration, OCLV Carbon, and a super-aero shape.

2014 Madone 5.9 Dura Ace

2014 Madone 5.9 Red

2014 Madone 5.9

2014 Madone 5.2

2014 Madone 4 Series:

The all-new Trek Madone 4 Series boasts race-level performance, KVF aero technology on select models, all-day comfort, and amazing spec value, all in a super-light OCLV package.

2014 Madone 4.7

2014 Madone 4.3

2014 Madone 4.3 WSD

2014 Trek Madone 3 Series:

Trek Madone 3 Series packs a ton of high-end road bike tech into our greatest OCLV Carbon value yet, delivering superior performance and the winning legacy that defines Madone.

2014 Madone 3.1

2014 Madone 3.1 WSD

2014 Trek Madone 2 Series:

Madone 2 Series is a refined aluminum road bike worthy of the Madone name, with a super-aero shape and next-level race technology. Incredible ride, incredible value.

2014 Madone 2.5

2014 Madone 2.3

2014 Madone 2.1

Here are a few pictures of the 2014 Trek Madone models. Which one is your favorite?

If you are looking for more endurance without sacrificing performance, check out the Trek Domane.

The 2014 Trek Domane line up can be seen here.

Choose your weapon, Trek Madone vs. Trek Domane.

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