My Superfly and I

Trek Superfly SL 100 Pro Flip
Love my Trek Superfly SL 100 Pro

I love my Trek Superfly SL 100 Pro!

It is ok to love your bike, just don’t looooooove your bike. And when it comes to the newest addition to my bicycle collection, this amazing Trek Superfly SL 100 Pro, I freaking love this bike!

The more I ride it, the more I lurve it. A few weeks back Becky and I were out scouting the location for our wedding next year, and part of that was to ride the mountain bike trails for the Sunday group ride. The summer camp is perfect and the trails are great, so the location has been chosen.

We also checked out an old submarine and I climbed into a torpedo tube. No pictures of the submarine, but here is a llamapedo to entertain you.


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