It was 4 years ago yesterday that I stopped to change the flat tire of this cute girl standing on the side of the road looking all sorts of pissed off she was walking.

Over the last 4 years, we grew to know each other better, ride bikes together, race together, create together, then the day came we moved in together.

Almost a year ago we moved in together. Combining our loves for bikes (and cats) was a little difficult at first, but together, we managed to make everything just the way we wanted.

One day, I decided, I could never be without her, and ordered the FPO ring (if you are a graphic designer, you will get this.) she showed me months earlier. This ring is meant to hold the place until her real ring we pick out together comes.

The day before the ring arrives, she is hit by a car, and hurt pretty bad. Never been so worried, my legs hurt for 4 days after riding my bike to scene of the accident. She is alive, and will be ok. She is a trooper, and even with a cheek bone broken in 3 spots, and her broken hand, she stays positive, and looks forward to riding her bikes again.

For our anniversary, I had planned a bike ride to where we met, followed by sushi, with a little surprise for her in between.

I built up an old tandem we had at the shop, and took her on our date. Reluctant to ride at first, she trusted me to keep her safe on our journey.

Once we got to Chicago and Racine, I park the bike, give her a camera, tell her I am going to pose that I am changing a flat while she takes the picture.

While she gets ready to take the picture, I pull out a ring, and ask her…

“Will you marry me?”

Her first response is “Are you serious?!” quickly followed by “YES!”

Flat tires make friends, and in some cases, life long companions.