At Village Cycle Center we believe in bikes. They make the world a better place! As a bicycle shop we not only promote cycling, a clean, fun, and efficient way of transportation, we also do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle. Here are some of our best practices, being an eco-friendly business.

– Let’s start by mentioning, EVERYTHING we throw away is recycled. All garbage is picked up by a recycling company at least twice a week and taken to a facility to be sorted.

– We recycle used batteries as well as old computer equipment.

– We recycle carbon fiber through Trek Bicycle.

– We give our old inner tubes to Alchemy Goods so they can be re-purposed. They make really neat accessories out of inner tubes, a practice they call upcycling: Taking an item of lesser value and making something of greater value. Look at some of their products!

Alchemy Goods helps us be eco-friendly by upcycling inner tubes

– We donate our chains to Resource Revival a company who also re-purposes to make cool products. Here is one of their bowls made of recycled chains. We use it in the shop to hold dum dum suckers at our service counter.upcycled bike chain

– We use LED and CFL bulbs throughout the building.

– We have sealed all the windows to minimize heating costs and not waste energy in the winter.

– In the Summer we do not air condition the three floors of warehouse above our retail space to also save energy.

– We do not use any plastic garbage bags in our service department. All of our mechanics re-purpose bicycle boxes to collect packing materials from all of their new bike builds

– We use an aqueous parts washer to clean bike parts. This is a water-based cleaning system that uses a safe and biodegradable solution instead of harsh chemicals.

Last, almost the entire staff ride their bicycles to work and use it as their main form of transportation. We love bikes and believe in the positive effect they have on the world. Village Cycle Center is proud to be a business that can improve the quality of life of our customers, employees, communities, and even the environment.