How to Prevent Saddle Sores


If you enjoy biking long distances or often you probably have experienced the dreaded saddle sores. If you are just taking up biking, you may already know what they are, but if follow our tips and you might just luck out and never experience them.

What Are Saddle Sores

An aching backside is often called “being saddle sore” and is caused by an inappropriate seat, being out of practice or riding more than you are used to. Saddle Sores are the sores and chafing that occur on the inner thighs and backside. These mild skin infections arcades by bacteria, sweat, heat, hair, and friction combining in a sensitive areas when one is biking. Every bicycle rider deals with it at some point, but most suffering can be prevented with some preventative measures.

Prevention Tips

Select The Correct Size Bike

The height and size of your bicycle matter a great deal so be careful to choose the right frame for your height. At Village Cycle Center, you can get your bike professionally fit by one of our team or have us help you choose the perfect bike from the start.

Try Different Seats To Get The Right One

Saddles (bike seats) are not one-size-fits-all. Different bodies need different seats. If the seat is too wide or too narrow for your body, it will rub you differently. We have many different saddle options available online and at our location.

Make Sure You Are Sitting Correctly

You should be sitting back on your bike’s saddle, so your crotch area is not carrying your weight and pressing down on the seat. Depending on the type of bike ride you’re going on you may need to move around on the seat varying where your weight is placed. An example would be the nice flat Lakeshore Path vs. mountain bike trail.

Cleanliness Matters

Wear clean shorts and wash with anti-bacterial soap before every ride. Once you finish your ride, get out of your sweaty shorts as soon as possible because the salt left behind from your sweat dries fast and adds to the friction. Make sure to wipe down your saddle with a clean towel or rag. For long bike rides, it is worth it to carry extra shorts and stop to change partway through.

Lubrication Will Help

Friction is a big source of saddle sores, caused by the rubbing of your skin, shorts, and saddle against your skin. Apply petroleum jelly or other lubricants directly on your skin before you dress to reduce rubbing.

Stand While Riding

You may have wondered why you see well-practiced riders stand up frequently while cycling. Simply removing the pressure and rubbing as much as possible can help reduce chafing and burning.

Choose The Right Shorts

Invest in quality and buy true chamois shorts. Lined shorts are best, preferably with a one-piece liner. Shorts without a center seam make a significant difference. Many people have to experiment with many different shorts to find what works best for their body. Avoid cotton shorts and underwear since cotton will absorb your sweat and dampness is a major contributing factor in saddle sores.

Everyone at Village Cycle Center has many years experience riding bike recreationally and as a means of transportation, plus we’re not shy about sharing our top tips and items for preventing saddle sores. If you have questions or need advice on saddle sores feel free to stop by our location and we’re happy to help.

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