Chicago Cross Cup #5 Carpentersville, IL.

What a great course! So much fun! Mud, rollers, water crossings, sand, sweet corners, and a beer garden. This is cross.
This year the rollers had an add on of farm field full of mud. Thick, sticky, clay filled, mud. Gave the earlier races hell. Hell being fun in cross. We surely do enjoy the suffering. And suffer we did. Everyone on the team put in their best and had a good time doing it.
Katie Tom was sporting her leaders jersey after becoming the overall points leader for the Women’s Cat 4 last race. Brandon held his own in the Cat 3 race. I almost got to finish my second 1/2/3 race. Only getting lapped by the top 4 riders. Great job fast SRAM dude. Mumford was in the top 10. Get some.
But mostly, I can just say, THIS COURSE ROCKS!
Here are some pictures. And thanks to our sponsors!

Mud creek crossing. Photo credit to: Ben Van Couvering

Mud covered rollers.

Kinky Llama Racing base camp and heckle corner

Katie sporting her fancy yellow jersey!

Becky powering around heckle corner

Mumford moving through the corn field faster than Malachi.

Brandon avoiding someone during their prayers to the mud rollers. Photo credit: Bill Draper
Race report was cut short. More to come soon. Have a great day! Go ride your bike.

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