Tired of Batteries Yet? Live on Easy Street and Get the Blackburn Flea 2.0

The Blackburn Flea 2.0 Headlight/Taillight USB Combo is a simple solution to night ride safety (Late Ride anyone?) and you never have to buy batteries for it.  The headlight and taillight are bright, easy to charge, pocket friendly, and let’s face it, everybody wins when safety begins!

These lights are exceptionally bright; the LED’s send light reflecting off signs far into the night, and certainly draw attention.  The Flea 2.0 offers traditional low or bright beams, or a bedazzling blinking light option.  You could be the one who scores a date because of the the impassioned light blinking from the Blackburn Taillight.

I love the fact that the Flea tells you when it’s tired.  The on/off button turns red when it’s time to charge it up, and that’s the great part; it charges off a USB port.  Boom!  Done.  Or, check this out . . . the solar charger, it’s the future, right now!

Indeed, the combo is very easy to put on, and take off when locking up at the bike rack.  Both the Blackburn Flea Headlight and Taillight can rest easy in your pocket when not in use, as they are very small.  In fact, when it’s time to ride again, the headlight can be strapped on the handle bars, or they have a helmet mounting kit.  The rear light easily straps onto the seat post; it even has a clip to position it on your belt, or backpack, or messenger bag, or child seat.

The Blackburn Flea 2.0 is your buddy . . . let’s make a friend!

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