Short Days, End of the World, Bike Lights

On the shortest day of the year, and maybe the last, here are a few reasons why bike lights are great:

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1. They bring happiness. I am one of those people who pines for summer as soon as the temperature dips below 60 degrees and/or the sun starts setting earlier than 8pm. However, when the sun won’t obey my orders and stick around, I’m glad that I have bike lights to keep me safe so I can continue to do what makes me happy: ride my bike.

2. I hear Chicago is in the midst of a snow storm. If you get caught in a snow bank, the blinking red light will alert others to where you are. But please don’t get caught in a snow bank. Thanks.

3. Last but not least, if the end of the world should occur at any point today, you can always use bike lights as flashlights when the power grid fails. The batteries tend to last a long time.

More technical info on bike lights here:

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