CrossRip: The Urban Bike that likes to get Dirty

All four of the CrossRip models

The CrossRip series of bikes by Trek boasts the most versatile commuter bikes in the line, providing a fast city rider, light touring machine and gravel road punisher.

trek crossrip commuter bikesThis urban bomber offers the road bike enthusiast a fast, yet stable way to get to and from work. The disc brakes offered on every model, except for the base CrossRip which features cantilevers, provide powerful stopping in even the wettest conditions. Also for the all weather commuters, fender mounts are available.

crossrip urban bikes

The internal cable routing is clean, and makes for better shouldering for carrying up stairs. Unlike many other internally routed bikes these bikes have full cable housing keeping the cables safe from nearly all weathering.

No racing wheels used here, just a strong high spoke count wheel with a puncture resistant, kevlar lined, tire (also not offered on the base model.) With this combination the rider will spend less time in the shop and more time on the road.

crossrip trek bicycles

Each model comes with cross top levers which allow the rider to stop even while riding in the more relaxed upright position.

All of the drivetrains are Shimano road specced. Shimano  prioritizes shift integrity over weight, which will provide the utmost confidence in the all weather commute.

crossrip urban bicycles

The CrossRip series starts at $899.99 for the cantilever equipped Shimano Claris entry-level group and goes up to $1,599.99 for the CrossRip LTD, a semi-hydraulic disc setup and Shimano 105, a more performance oriented group.

Check out to see the current inventory of CrossRip models, or call (312) 751-2488.

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  1. Vince
    10 years ago Reply

    “Less time in the shop”–that’s exactly what I need, haha!

  2. […] CrossRip: The Urban Bike that likes to get Dirty […]

  3. Anthony
    10 years ago Reply

    The CrossRip LTD is my next bike. As soon as my Superfly sells, CrossRip gets ordered.

  4. […] Corrosion from salt and the increased potential of crash damage means that many people are drawn to single speed drivetrains to avoid winter maintenance headaches, but anybody who bikes in Chicago knows how bad the wind can be and might not want to give up gears. Keeping your bike clean, regular maintenance and wet weather lubes will keep any bike rolling through the winter. If you are scared off by meticulous maintenance, there are bikes that can help you stay on the bike without many added headaches. Bikes with drivetrains like a “one-by” drivetrain ( commonly 1 x 7 or 1 x 9), eliminate the front derailleur leaving the rear cassette and derailleur as the main gear selection on the bike. However, The kings of winter riding use internally geared hubs provide multispeed goodness without the need for external gears and derailleurs. The internally geared Trek Soho DLX has fenders, a rear rack and comes equipped with a belt drive. The Soho DLX, combined with studded tires, becomes an unstoppable winter machine that sacrifices nothing to get you through the snow and ice.  The new Trek Crossrip is a commuter road bike with the same accessory compatibility as the FX and DS, but comes even more winter-ready with added preventative features like internal cable routing which reduces th… […]

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