First Rides on the New Bontrager AW3 Tires

Bontrager Hardcase Lite AW3 TireI have recently purchased a set of the new Bontrager AW3 tires with Hardcase Lite for my commuter bike. Wow, what an upgrade in ride quality! They replaced an older version of Bontrager Race All Weather tires that were sluggish and harsh to ride on. I put them on this past week and have about 50 miles on them already. I was immediately impressed with the ride quality. My commute is 11.5 miles each way, I encounter plenty of glass and debris on the road and ride through all weather conditions. The AW3 tire is a definite confidence booster! The Hardcase Lite (green layer) feature helps protect my inner tubes when riding over broken glass and debris and knock on wood… NO FLATS!

Stay tuned for future reviews after they have been on my bike another month. See more tire tips here! More in action shots to come!

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  1. Wordboy
    11 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the entry – I use the Bontrager Racelite Hardcase, and I put a lot of miles on those beasts. Really solid tire. Any thoughts on a comparison between the two?

    • John Felke
      11 years ago Reply

      Thank you for the response, the AW3 is a folding bead compared to a wire bead on the Racelite Hardcase. The folding bead offers less rotating weight and a more comfortable ride. The AW3 rides like a road specific tire but with the hardcase lite I am not afraid to ride over debris on the street.

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