10 Reasons to Ride Inside


Love to ride but aren’t a fan of the cold weather? Here are 10 reasons to consider a Cycleops indoor trainer this winter.

1) Muffin top prevention.

10 reasons to ride inside this winter













2) You can catch up on Netflix, or clear your DVR


ride inside with a cycleops cycling trainer this winter














3) It’s the only time you can use your iPad on your handlebar and not look stupid

use an indoor trainer this winter to keep up on training by riding inside.













4) Only takes up as much floor space your yoga mat

if you ride inside this winter it won't take much more space than a yoga mat.













5) Saves you money on a gym membership

save money with a cycleops cycling trainer this winter and ride inside













6) No red lights to get caught at

no need for stopping when you ride inside with cycleops trainers













7) You won’t freeze your butt off in polar vortex part 2 (coming soon to a city near you!)

stay warm and in shape when you ride inside.













8) Returning to the beach bod will be easier, while simultaneously avoiding fad diets

riding inside is a great way to keep in shape during the winter














9) Slush from salted streets will not eat away at your bicycle.

Salted streets will not eat away at your bicycle when you ride inside













10) You can wear whatever you want, or nothing at all!

with an indoor trainer you can wear what you want when you ride inside













Its convenient, great for your health, easy on your wallet, and better for your bike. So, consider a Cycleops indoor trainer this winter and ride year round. See all the trainers and accessories on our website or stop in store to check them out.

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