Snow Ride with My Trek Bike 520

Trek bike 520 snow ride commute

Trek 520 snow ride commute

If you know me, you know I love riding in the snow. While I don’t have a Trek Farley, yet, I do have my winterized Trek 520, which it happens, works out quite well for the riding I do on a daily basis.

Snow out the window, perfect day for winter biking

Snow out the window, recycled bike art by Llama Trading Company.

I looked out the window this morning, and after watching the snow fall all day yesterday with continued white flakes floating down this morning, I was super excited to go out and ride. And one to never turn down a challenge, we needed kitty litter and more food for our pride prior to my commute to Village Cycle Center.

Every morning Spencer is at the door waiting to go out with me, rain, snow, or shine, he doesn’t care. As it turns out, he actually likes the snow, so out the door he goes. Cat paw prints lead my way out the door. I follow him with loaded bike, but before I go I can’t help but take some pictures of him. He’s my buddy, follows me everywhere.

Fully loaded Bontrager Back Rack Deluxe and a winterized Trek bike 520

Fully loaded Bontrager Back Rack Deluxe and a winterized Trek 520

At the pet store I test the limits of the Bontrager Backrack Deluxe and my Ortlieb panniers. Each bag has a 40 pound bag of kitty litter in it, along with another 15 pound of cat food on top, and a few bags of treats. Needless to say, I am over the limit of the rack, (FYI, I believe the rack weight limit is 40-45 pounds. I do not recommend exceeding that. Not only can the rack collapse, but it is can become very difficult to control the bike.) but I do have superb traction in the snow with all the weight and my studded Schwalbe Marathon tires.

Back home, unload the cat stuff, and reloaded with my work gear, I am ready to roll down the snow and ice covered road ways to Village Cycle Center. Cruising through the neighborhood, I enjoy the silence of a carless voyage and fresh snow under my tires. These roads have yet to be plowed and salted. I travel with much greater ease than some cars, but once on the main roads, the streets are mostly clear of snow, but fully laden with salt, spotted ice chucks and loads of slushy, grey “water”. These are the days I love my studded tires and especially these sweet Bontrager NCS fenders. My only wish was for yesterday, when I wanted to have the clearance to put my 2.5″ studded 29n’r tires on and go for a ride. That would had been a hoot, but by next year, I plan on having a Farley in my fleet as well. On the way in, I stop for a few pics, including one on the bridge over the Chicago River.

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2014! And if you like my recycled bike art and other goods, you can check it out at Llama Trading Company.

Trek Bike 520 and the Chicago River

Trek Bike 520 and the Chicago River

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