Adventures with my Po Campo: The Cutest Bag in Town

Po campo bag out for lunch

A trio of haikus about my PoCampo Six Corners Handlebar bag:

My PoCampo bag

You’re great on and off the bike

Let’s meet friends for lunch


You hold all my goods

Biking through the neighborhood

Never looked so fly


Cruising to the beach

Perfect day for a bike ride

With the perfect bag

Seatbag. Basket. Trunk bag. Pannier. Rack with bungees. All of these cargo methods failed to give me what I was really looking for. I thought what I wanted was function over form. What I really wanted was the best of both worlds. I wanted a bag that would function on the bike, but look like a regular bag or purse off the bike. The Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar bag came to the rescue.

Po Campo is the best bike handlebar bag

Thanks to their super easy to use hook and strap attachment system, grabbing this bag when I go out on the bike is a no-brainer. It holds all my essentials:  wallet, phone, keys, lip balm, pen, and even an umbrella! On or off the bike, this is usually the first bag I go for when I’m getting ready to leave. I don’t like lugging large purses when I’m out and about town. This is the perfect clutch size that also comes with a shoulder strap for extra versatility.  It will even hook onto the back of the Topeak Babyseat (as will the larger Logan Trunk bag, if you need extra capacity).

po campo bag can even be attached to topeak babyseat

po campo logan trunk bag

This bag worked out so well for my needs, I may or may have bought a second bag in for a different color option. I also have given a few as gifts, and they’ve been a hit each time. Po Campo for the win!

po campo has many fun colors and prints

Stop in our store to see our full selection! Or, check out our website for other bag and basket options.

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