Big, easy to ready gauge!

Blackburn Airtower Shop Pump

Today we got in an amazing floor pump from Blackburn. The Blackburn Airtower Shop Pump. This is the grand daddy of all Blackburn floor pumps: “Indestructible, premium high-performance floor pump that doesn’t skimp on anything, anywhere—braided steel hose, massively huge 3” gauge, 220psi top end for specialty track tires and big-volume stroke for oversize mountain […]
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Bontrager NCS Fenders

I am an everyday bicycle rider. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, dark, cold, hot, blustery, sleet, fog, I ride it in it all. Whatever the weather, I ride. One of the unsung hero’s of the everyday commuter/cyclist are fenders. They keep the bike, and me, dry, and clean of city road grime, puddles, or crushed […]
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NiteRider Lumina 350

The Lumina 350

Commuting on the lakefront after dark has it’s hazards; Rogue ice patches, ninja surprise u-turn runners, sudden corners while dozing at the handlebar. I love my flea combo, but something stronger was needed for a truly safe ride home.
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